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Here is an overview of our services. Indif Technologies Inc., we offer a wide variety of services to our clients. We take pride in finding custom solutions for your needs. These are only some of our services, please see the sub-pages and knowledge base for more information!

Website Development

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap4, WordPress, Go Daddy Hosting, Shopify, E-Commerce, Blog, and Professional Sites.

App Development

SwiftUI, Swift, Power Apps. Push Notifications, JSON API, Google MobAD Integration, WordPress Backend Linking to App, App Store Optimization.

Graphic & Product Design and Video Editing Services

Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop, Premire, Acrobat, etc. iMovie, GarageBand, Audacity. Google Apps Suite, Microsoft Office.

SQL Server Development

Designing Databases: Implementation of Test and Production Instances, Improve Application's Performance, Memory Management, Create Complex Functions, Scripts, Trigers, and more!

Project Management

Project Management Principles, Agile Software Development, Flexible Product Development, Management of Resources.

SAP Support

SAP HR Configuration and Support, Personnel Administration, Benefits, Organizational Management, SAP Time and Payroll Configuration Support, SAP Technical Support, Security Management, and more!

About Indif Technologies Inc.

Indif Technologies Inc. enjoys turning great ideas into compelling websites, apps and software’s.

Our goal at Indif Technologies is to help clients achieve real results by focusing on the development and integration of the right software systems, designing their websites, and search engine optimization.  We offer solutions to our clients which are custom-tailored to suit their respective goals, vision and mission.

Knowledge Base

Recent posts from our Knowledge Base! Visit our Knowledge Base to learn about programming fundamentals and components.

Introduction to Limits

Hello everyone! Today we posted our first Youtube Video! In this video, we gave an introduction to limits and covered the following topics: Limits Limits by Estimation Right-Sided Limits Left Sided Limits Comment below if Read more…

Partial Fraction Decomposition

Partial Fraction Decomposition is a great way to solve seemingly complex integrals. While it may look complicated, it is actually a very straightforward and easy concept to learn. Accordingly, we have created the following PDF Read more…

How to get Date only from the datetime value?

SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), getdate(), 101); Outputs in mm/dd/yyyy SELECT CAST(getdate() AS date); To get the current date time: SELECT getdate(); SELECT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP; Other related functions: ELECT CONVERT (time, SYSDATETIME()) ,CONVERT (time, SYSDATETIMEOFFSET()) ,CONVERT (time, SYSUTCDATETIME()) ,CONVERT Read more…

SQL Server Development

SQL Server Developers are responsible to perform following activities: Designing databases and ensuring their stability, reliability, and performance. Design, create, and implement database systems based on the end user’s requirements. Impove application’s performances. Prepare documentations Read more…

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We specialize in assisting our clients with challenging technology initiatives in the following areas:
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